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Book 40: 

"Even if John could never be intimate with her while he was married to Zoe, she still had her 
thoughts and they satisfied her ... there were no boundaries in her dreams. " 

Gerard Arthus 
22 August 2012 

Abigail walked over to John and sat down next to him on the bed. She said "this 
has gotten me so excited ... I keep imagining ... we are together. I have never 
been with anyone before ... never touched the way we just have. Yes ... I have 
touched myself before, but never by someone else ... at least like we have." 
Abigail was looking at John intently; she put her hand on her leg and began 
moving it up under her dress; this went on for a few minutes while she stared into 
his eyes. Suddenly, she stiffened up, closed her eyes and sighed heavily. John 
grasped her arm and said "please my dear, we must be going. We will have time 
later." He pulled her arm up and then kissed her on the hand while he looked into 
her eyes. For the last two days, Abigail was having such strong feelings towards 
John that she could hardly contain herself. She said "John, how do you do it ... 
how do you not just succumb to such feelings and be done with it?" John said "My 
love for Zoe and my love for you ... have so far enabled me to not go over the 
line. But, it would be easy to fall." With that he placed his hand on Abigail's leg 
and began tenderly rubbing it above the knee, saying "I am sorry dear, you will 
have to be satisfied with just the touching." Abigail stood up while grasping John's 
hand and said "John dear, I will be satisfied with whatever you do with me. You 

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make me so happy ... Zoe is so lucky to have you." They both left the room still 
holding hands. While they were walking to the conference room they passed 
Madeline in the hall. She said "Abigail, are you alright ... I heard some noises 
coming from the bedroom ... were you hurt?" Madeline winked at Abigail and the 
two of them smiled as they walked past each other. Abigail no longer became 
upset with Madeline's comments and no longer had those terrible feelings of 
jealousy; she was content with her relationship with John and really understood 
now that they could only go so far. Even if John could never be intimate with her 
while he was married to Zoe, she still had her thoughts and they satisfied her ... 
there were no boundaries in her dreams. John and Abigail walked into the 
conference room; Lisa and Flora were already there. A tray with tea and biscuits 
was sitting on the table. Lisa said "Madeline brought them; she said that she 
knew how much you and Abigail liked tea and biscuits." John said "sit down 
please, we should begin." Lisa said "John, I have so many questions. Do you have 
video meetings here ... is this is where you discuss 'secret' matters? Do you also 
watch videos in here? Do other people have rooms like this? ..." John interrupted 
her and said "Lisa, you always have so many questions. Without explaining right 
now, I can say yes to all of your questions. But if you would like to discuss it later, 
I will be only too happy to answer your questions. For now, we must discuss 
Flora's testimony. Are you ready Flora?" "Yes" Flora said. John said "well, let us 
get started then." 

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Abigail began by asking Flora "you heard Lisa's testimony, do you have anything 
to add?" Flora said "only that I did make the recording and heard much more of 
the part of the conversation concerning the lawyers telling the girls what to say. 
They were coaching them ... it was obvious." Abigail said "remember, you must 
not say anything about the recorded conversation until I tell you to. Have you 
duplicated the recording?" Flora said "yes, Lisa's parents paid a professional to 
duplicate it. Would you like to hear it now?" Abigail said "no, I must not, if we are 
to be able to introduce it as evidence at the last minute. If I have not heard it, 
then it will be considered as newly discovered evidence. Of course, the both of 
you could listen to it without any problem." Lisa said, we have and it is 'very' close 
to what we remember being said." The four of them were sitting at tables which 
were arranged in a 'U' shape. John and Abigail were directly facing Lisa and Flora 
and the tables had panels in front of them so that it was almost impossible to see 
under the tables. John was sitting close to the table with his hands in his lap. 
Abigail slowly moved close to him. She also had her hands in her lap, her legs 
were crossed, and she was rubbing herself with her left thumb. Carefully she 
reached over and grasped John's hand; uncrossed her legs and placed it in her 
lap; then began slowly moving his hand. While this was going on Abigail said "now 
Flora, what will you say if they accuse you of being with many men?" Flora said "I 
will tell the truth, no matter what they may say to me, I will never let them see 

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me cry. There may be other things that they can bring up ... are you sure that you 
want me to testify?" Abigail said "Flora, if it is the truth, we will not hide from it. I 
want the jurors to understand what a risk to your reputation you have undertaken 
for the sake of testifying." Abigail began squeezing John's hand between her legs. 
He could feel the warmth on his hand and looked at her, shaking his head several 
times. Abigail released his hand and then went back to what she had been doing 
before. John could clearly see what she was doing and as he watched, she would 
occasionally look at him and smile. Abigail continued to speak, asking Flora and 
Lisa many questions and explaining to Flora what she had to watch out for and 
how she could best help John with her testimony. Nearly two hours passed and a 
knock was heard on the door. Madeline walked in and told them that dinner was 
ready. John said "we are finished here for now Madeline ... we will be there soon." 
Abigail had not stopped and Madeline looked down and gave an impish smile; 
turned and left. Abigail realized now that she had begun to be unaware of what 
she was doing. She stopped just as Flora and Lisa stood up, fixed her dress and 
then stood up also. Lisa and Flora left and John said "we will be right there." Lisa 
closed the door behind her, smiling as she left. Abigail just stood there staring at 
John; she looked like a lost child. John said "Abigail, you surprise me ... why?" 
Abigail embraced John and said "oh dear, I cannot help it. I get excited so easily 
during the last few days. It may be the time of month, but probably because I 
have never been close with anyone before; just thinking of you gets me going." 

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She grasped John's hand and placed it over her groin; moving it around slowly. 
John could feel the heat from her body and the quivering; he could also feel a 
wetness now, it was beginning to pass through her dress which was only a light 
material. John tried to pull his hand away, but Abigail stopped him and said 
"please dear ... let me ... just a short time." She kissed him passionately and said 
"you can do it ... do I have to keep hold of your hand?" John felt Abigail pushing 
herself against his hand, she released her hand and John's remained. He kept 
moving his hand and began squeezing her; Abigail started breathing hard. She 
was now moving around vigorously. Suddenly Abigail's body stiffened and she let 
out several loud moans and collapsed into John's arms. He gently placed her in a 
chair and said "we should be going, as soon as you are ready." Abigail stared at 
John forlornly, she said "I hope that you are not cross with me ... I just had to, 
now I feel much better." Just as John grasped her hand to help her up, they heard 
a noise. It was Madeline clearing her throat; John looked at her and said 
"Madeline, how long were you standing there? Madeline said "I saw what you 
were doing ... Abigail, do not be upset with me. I just wanted to see if you two 
had some sort of problem, we were all waiting for you." John said "we should be 
going" and Abigail stood up. The two of them walked past Madeline and she 
closed the door. Madeline noticed the spot on Abigail's dress. Because of the type 
of material it was made of, the wetness really stood out; she did not say anything 
though. Abigail was still in sort of a daze and just followed behind John. As they 

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entered the dining room Abigail walked over to her usual spot next to the 
children; Lisa was there and said "you can take over Abigail, Cassandra was 
asking for you; she was saying "mama ... mama" most of the time you were gone. 
Just as Abigail was going to pick up Cassandra, her mother said "my dear, what 
happened to your dress. Bonney had made that dress for Abigail and liked it 'very' 
much. She really liked the way it fit and always watched Abigail closely when she 
was wearing it. Everyone looked and then Abigail looked down and saw the wet 
spot on the front of the dress. During all the excitement, she had not noticed it 
and now she was embarrassed. Just then Cassandra began saying "mama ... 
mama." Abigail began to blush and turned to leave. John grasped her arm and 
said "Abigail dear, we are all adults I am sure that everyone understands. But 
Cassandra, she will be upset if you leave." Abigail knew that John was right; she 
picked up Cassandra and sat down next to John. He said the blessing over the 
food and they all began dinner. 

Lisa said "will we be able to walk through the gardens after dinner?" John said 
"yes, we are finished with Flora's preparation." Lisa smiled and said "it will be so 
wonderful, there is a full moon and Madeline has a special surprise prepared for 
us." Talk centered on the estate for the rest of the time during dinner. After they 
had finished, Lisa stood up and said "time for us to go, I know we have to get up 
early tomorrow. Lisa, Madeline, Flora and John were all planning to go on a walk. 

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Abigail said "I will stay here with Natalia and Cassandra; John you go with them, I 
will be here until you all get back." After they left, Abigail was alone with her 
mother and Nikolena. Bonney and Nikolena cleaned up the table and after 
everything was put away, Nikolena asked if she could be excused in order to get 
washed up. Abigail said "of course Nikolena, you go ... take as much time as you 
need, I will watch Natalia. After Nikolena had left, Bonney looked at Abigail and 
said "young lady, is that spot on your dress what I think that it is?" Abigail could 
not look at her mother; she just stared at the floor and blushed. Whenever her 
mother said "young lady", it usually meant that a reprimand was coming. Bonney 
said "will you answer me?" Abigail looked up and said "mom, I got a little excited 
... I could not control myself. Please do not blame John, I virtually forced him." 
Bonney said "you two must be 'very' careful, what will you do when Zoe comes 
back?" Abigail said "mom, please, it is hard enough. We both understand that and 
I assure you that it has gone no further than touching and maybe a short kiss ... It 
will go no further than that. But, I am a woman and I also have feelings. Please I 
have never been intimate with anyone and I will not go there with John." Bonney 
said "I understand what you are saying Abigail, but you have to be more careful. 
Just looking at your dress, we all could see what you two were up to. Also, 
Madeline saw everything and she explained to us that you both had restrained 
yourselves. I guess as your mother, I was concerned ... but I trust both you and 
John to do the right thing. It is just that seeing you like this has surprised me. I 

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understand that you have never been close to anyone before ... that really is my 
fault for taking up so much of your time." Abigail smiled and said to her mother 
"no mom, please never say that, I love you and would never think that you were 
responsible for anything like that. I just never met someone whom I could really 
love. He is such a fine person and will always be in my mind. I will get over this 
when Zoe comes back and would never expect anything more from John as long 
as he is married. But please, until then I want to enjoy the little time we may 
have left together. I may be guilty of the worst in my mind, but we have never 
been intimate." Bonney said "thank you Abigail, it was just a mother's concern on 
my part. At least I know that my daughter is human. I thought that you would 
never love someone ... I am so happy for you, even if you and John cannot be 
together right now; at least you have known true love and that is more than most 
people can really have." Bonney said "good night dear" and Abigail smiled and 
said "thank you mom." 

She was now alone and looked down at her dress and the spot which was the 
result of such pleasure on her part. She thought "oh what a tangled web we 
mortals weave. Just because I love him so ... I cannot go any further. God please 
help me to be strong." Abigail put her hands over her face and sighed. She 
started thinking about being next to John again, the dreams were always the 
same ... the two of them we intimate and she was kissing him passionately. She 

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never restrained herself in her dreams. Her hand dropped down and Abigail did 
not even realize what she was doing. Her dream continued and she began to 
quiver and shake, the feelings became so intense that she began to lose control 
and let out several load moans. Abigail came to her senses and looked around. No 
one was in the room except for Cassandra, who was sleeping. The spot on her 
dress was even bigger now and her hand was wet. The color and material which 
the dress was made of really highlighted the spot. She thought "I better go 
change" but just as she began to stand up, John and the others returned from 
their walk in the garden. Lisa was still asking questions and Madeline was smiling. 
Madeline looked at Abigail, she looked at her face and then at the spot on her 
dress. She said "Abigai,l has that spot gotten bigger or is that my imagination? 
Why is your hand wet? What were you doing?" Abigail began to speak saying "I ... 
but ... it" and then turned, leaving the room quickly. She was beyond 
embarrassment, all she could think of was to run and hide. Madeline said "John, 
why did she get so upset, I am sorry if I said something that I should not have." 
John said "Madeline, you said nothing wrong. We should all get some sleep, I will 
speak to Abigail. Good night." Everyone said good night and Madeline carefully 
picked up Cassandra. John said "where are you going Madeline?" Madeline said "I 
will carry Cassandra, Abigail will be in your room; I would like to speak with her." 
As they walked towards the room John said "Madeline, you have really turned into 
a good person ... I am so happy for you." Madeline said "John, I must give most of 

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the credit to you and the others, it was not easy." John opened the door and they 
both entered the room. Madeline walked over and carefully placed Cassandra in 
the crib. She then turned to Abigail, who was sitting on the bed and said "Abigail, 
I am so sorry for upsetting you. It was a poor attempt at humor on my part and I 
was out of place ... it really was hurtful of me. Abigail looked up and smiled saying 
"no Madeline, you have really made me understand something which I never 
realized before. Thank you. I was dreaming about making love to John and all the 
time I was doing it to myself. Then when I realized what I had done, I felt guilty 
and just then you all entered the room. I just wanted to run and hide. But now I 
realize that it was nothing to be ashamed of ... my feelings for John. What matters 
is that I love him and I would never cause him to violate his marriage vows in the 
real world. Actually, I should have laughed, because it really is quite laughable ... 
what happened." Madeline smiled and said "thank you Abigail. John knows the 
way I feel about him. It has been many a night when I dreamed of making love to 
him, but that is all that it has ever been ... dreams. It is nothing to be ashamed 
about especially since you are such a good person. Those feelings can be intense 
... I know that only so well. Once again, I apologize for what I said." Abigail said 
"please promise me Madeline ... that you would say the same thing again if I were 
caught in the same situation ... it made me realize many things and that is really 
what is important." Madeline smiled and then left the room. 

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John sat down next to Abigail and began removing her dress, saying "time for bed 
dear." He had pulled the dress over her head and she turned to embrace him. 
John sat there looking at the spot on the dress and said "it is amazing how one 
small spot on a dress can cause so much trouble. Abigail took the dress in her 
hand and walked over to the chifferobe and placed it on a hanger. She then 
turned and walked back towards John and said "I will be washing up now, would 
you like to join me?" John blushed and said "Abigail please, you tempt me too 
much, I think that I will pass on that. She then turned and stood in front of the 
chifferobe and removed the rest of her clothing. She picked up a towel and 
washcloth and walked into the bathroom. John heard the water running and then 
the shower. After a short time Abigail emerged wearing only a towel and said 
"your turn now dear." John picked up his own towel and washcloth and quickly 
went into the bathroom. He thought about Abigail as he was in the shower and 
after he finished he put on his robe and went back into the bedroom. Abigail was 
already covered and lying on the bed. John walked around to the recliner, but 
Abigail said "please dear my back hurts, can you give me a massage?" John 
walked back around the bed and sat down next to Abigail. She turned on her 
stomach and began flexing her shoulders. He then began rubbing her back. She 
was wearing a pink shear nightgown. John could see that she was completely 
naked except for the nightgown. He began at her shoulders; Abigail cooed with 
delight as John massaged her neck, shoulders and each arm. He continued for 

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several minutes and then Abigail began saying "lower ... please dear lower." Each 
time he moved down her back, she would ask for him to go lower. Eventually, he 
had reached her buttocks and she spread her legs and said "lower." John stopped 
and said "please Abigail, what would you have me do?" She said "use your 
imagination ... please" then she turned around and sat up. She reached out and 
pulled John towards her. He could see nearly everything through the nightgown 
and he was beginning to get excited. Abigail pushed him down on the bed and 
then straddled him across his stomach. She then began to kiss him tenderly and 
pressed up against his body. She rolled to one side and lay right up against him. 
She said "John, can I sleep next to you. I will take care of Cassandra if she 
awakens." John did not answer; he just looked into her eyes and placed his hand 
across her chest. Abigail grasped his hand and then began moving it in a circular 
motion over each of her breasts. The effect of his touching her was obvious; 
Abigail began to breathe deeply and let out several sighs. This went on for several 
minutes until she began slowly moving his hand down the front of her body. John 
said "what are you doing dear?" Abigail replied "please, it is so pleasurable when 
you touch me so. Just for a short time, then we can sleep." Abigail picked up 
John's hand for a moment and pulled up her nightgown; then placed it up against 
her stomach and continued the motion, this time on her bare skin. She was 
beginning to quiver and shake. The lower she moved his hand, the more intense 
was her reaction. Finally, she placed his hand over her groin and began to 

120f 17 

vigorously move it around. As she slowly removed her hand, John continued the 
movement. She began pushing up against his hand with increasing vigor. Abigail 
said "pleaaaaaaase Joooohn, keep going ... pleaaaase." After several minutes she 
began shaking even more until she let out several loud moans, stiffening up then 
becoming silent. She said "that was great ... thank you John." Abigail took John's 
hand and placed his arm over her body. She nuzzled up against his side and 
closed her eyes. Soon the both of them were sound asleep. 

John slept through until nearly seven in the morning. When he awakened, Abigail 
was sleeping. She was uncovered and her nightgown was pulled up under her 
chin. His hand was over her groin and Abigail was gently squeezing it with her 
thighs. John looked over towards Cassandra and saw that she was still sleeping; 
Abigail was dreaming and John could see that she was smiling. He tried to move 
his hand and she grasped it and awakened saying "please dear." John said 
"Abigail, I have to get ready." Abigail said "just a few moments more ..." as she 
squeezed his hand tightly. John waited several minutes more and Abigail kissed 
him and sat up. She said "I will get ready; we must be leaving early today." She 
stood up and walked over to the chifferobe and pulled off her nightgown. She 
could see John watching her as she dressed. Today she put on a dark blue dress 
which would be good for a business setting. It was well below her knees in the 
modest style which Abigail preferred. She walked over and sat down on the bed 

13 0fl7 

next to John, handing him her stockings and said "please dear ...?" John got down 
on his knees in front of her while Abigail extended one of her legs. He slowly 
pushed the stocking up her leg and secured it to the garter. Abigail was already 
excited from before and threw her head back and cooed as she felt his hands on 
her leg. After he finished Abigail put her leg down and extended her other leg. 
John did the same thing but this time as he finished, Abigail grabbed his hand and 
placed it on her groin. She sighed several times and began pushing his hand up 
against her body. John said "Abigail, we should be careful since this is happening 
too much. When Zoe returns, you will really have a problem if you become 
accustomed to this." Abigail said "oh John ... please I understand how it must be 
when Zoe returns. But, for this short time that we have together; I want to know 
how it could be for me. Just a few more minutes ... I promise that in the future I 
will not bother you and when Zoe returns I will not ask anything like this of you." 
Abigail kept holding John's hand and she began quivering and shaking, this went 
on for several minutes; then he began squeezing her body and she responded by 
arching her back and saying "oooooohoooooh" and collapsed on the bed. Abigail 
embraced John and kissed him tenderly saying "thank you dear, for being so 
understanding." She then stood up and walked over to the crib to begin preparing 
Cassandra for breakfast. Abigail changed her diaper, washed her and the put a 
nice pink dress on Cassandra. Just as Abigail was picking up Cassandra, John 
walked out of the bathroom. They both walked together towards the dining room. 

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As she entered Abigail walked over to the play area and placed Cassandra next to 
Natalia; then sat in her usual seat next to the play area. They were early and 
Bonney said "Abigail how was your evening?" Abigail said "mom, everything went 
well. Cassandra did not wake up once last night." Madeline smiled at Abigail and 
said "what about you ... did you get any sleep?" Her room was right next to John's 
and she heard Abigail moaning on several occasions; but she would not say 
anything about that. Abigail said "yes Madeline, we both talked for some time but 
were able to sleep for a sufficient time. Were you at that door again listening?" 
Madeline laughed and said "no Abigail, that was not necessary, your window was 
open and I could hear quite a bit. I heard most of your conversation and then I 
fell asleep." Once everyone was present, John said the blessing over the food and 
they began breakfast. Abigail played with both Cassandra and Natalia while she 
was having breakfast. Each of the girls was constantly competing for her 
attention. Nikolena said "Abigail, you would be such a fine mother. Did you hear 
Natalia ... she even called you 'mama' several times this week. I tell her that you 
are 'aunt' Abigail but she insists on calling you 'mama' anyway." Abigail blushed 
and said "please be careful Nikolena, when Zoe returns we must be take care 
about upsetting her. There is nothing more than I would like, than to have a child 
of my own ... I think about it often. I am satisfied just being around Cassandra 
and Natalia, thank you for saying that though." Bonney looked at her daughter 
and thought "she is so happy ... I pray that Zoe returning will not cause her to be 


depressed." John said "ladies, we must be going; thank you all for preparing the 
breakfast" as he stood up. Abigail picked up Cassandra and hugged her and then 
did the same to Natalia, who was already standing and waving her arms." As John 
and the others left, Cassandra began calling "mama ... mama"; Abigail could not 
bear it and walked back to the play area. She picked up Cassandra and said "your 
dad will be back, please ... you must stay with Nikolena and Madeline and they will 
watch you until I come home. Please Cassandra I love you and will be back soon." 
Cassandra hugged Abigail and said "mama ... mama" several more times. Abigail 
kissed her and set her down, then began retreating towards the door, waving as 
she left the dining room. Madeline quickly picked up Cassandra and began 
caressing her as Abigail left. John was standing outside the doorway and Abigail 
bumped into him as she left the room. The others had already gone outside; he 
grasped her hand and said "Abigail, you have been so good to Cassandra ... I 
cannot thank you enough, this has been a hard time for her and you have helped 
pull her through." He placed his hand under her chin and kissed her tenderly 
saying "I cannot thank you enough ... how can I repay you for what you have 
done? ... Anything, just tell me." Abigail looked at John and grasped his hand. She 
placed it on her stomach and began moving it downwards. John looked into 
Abigail's eyes and said "almost anything dear ... please understand, there are 
things which I would love to do ... but." Abigail put her other hand over his mouth 
and said "yes dear, I know; I will never ask you to do more than touch me." as 

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she moved his hand over her groin. Then she said "we best be going, the others 
will be wondering what happened to us." John smiled and patted her with his 
hand, then grasped her hand and led her outside. The others had already entered 
the van. John opened the front passenger door for Abigail and helped her get 
seated. He then walked around and sat down behind the steering wheel, started 
the van and they began leaving the estate.